Revisting Laland et al. 2015 - an interview of Kevin Lala by Hari Sridhar

What lies behind the making of a scientific paper that challenges the very foundations of a field? In a candid interview with Hari Sridhar, Kevin Lala tells the back story of one such paper "The extended evolutionary synthesis: its structure, assumptions and predictions" published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in 2015, and reflects on the paper's influence today, nearly 10 years after it was published. Read this interview on the Reflections on Papers Past website, which is a treasure trove of fantastic conversations with authors of well-known and influential papers in the field of Ecology and Evolution. (Click on title to continue.)


KLI’s journal Biological Theory has now received an Impact Factor of 1.9

Hurrah! It is with great pleasure that we share this happy news! KLI’s journal Biological Theory has now received an Impact Factor! Its current Impact Factor of 1.9 puts the journal in the top quartile of journals in its category. Congratulations to the entire team whose dedication and hard work over the years have played a huge part in the journal reaching this important milestone! We are happy to share this amazing news with you, and look forward to your submissions in the future!

Lee Altenberg
Ten Thousand Years of Cranial Evolution in South America
Lumila Menéndez
Sustainable Biophysical Human-Nature Connectedness
Christian Dorninger