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Current Projects

Bunce Corey

Challenges in Narrative Structuring for Biology Research Reporting

2022-09-01 - 2024-08-31

Sustainability Research
Chanam Joyshree

Effects of Climate Change on Food Plants

2022-11-14 - 2024-09-30

Philosophy of Biology
Gambarotto Andrea

Hegel’s Philosophy of Biology

2024-02-15 - 2025-02-14

Le Maître Anne

Evolvability of the mammalian ear: A macroevolutionary approach

2024-02-01 - 2025-01-31

Cognition and Sociality
Petracca Enrico

Embodied Rationality: Normative and Evolutionary Foundations

2023-09-01 - 2024-08-31

Philosophy of Biology
Schoenmakers Ludo

The Origins of Evolution

2023-10-01 - 2024-09-30

Stadtmauer Daniel

The Developmental Evolutionary Basis of Tissue Type

2023-09-01 - 2024-02-29

Villanueva Hernández Luis Alejandro

Social Affordances in the Transmission and Evolution of Music: A Theoretical Evo-Devo Approach

2023-03-15 - 2024-02-29